Vision & Mission




Smitt translates to ‘Smile’ and we at “Smit Group” innovate ideas each day to create homes that people dream of. We don’t just build houses, we render dreams! [/fruitful_dbox]



To be the most trusted name in Real Estate and help people furnish their dreams.
Our Vision has helped us innovate and offer products and services to customers, building trust along the path. The customers are assured of an ardent advisor to assist them in making the right property decision.




Our Aim: 

Smitt Group started with big Aims and Goals. Our aim is to be a listed company till 2018. Quality is indispensable to Us. All systems and procedures, right from the inception to consummation are formulated giving no second thoughts to quality.[/fruitful_dbox]



Our Values:

“We Care For your Smile :)”

Smart Work with Smile.

Managed with Skilled Team.

Innovative Ideas.

Transparent and Trusted.